Legal Services

DiTech helps companies and law firms to improve their efficiency, minimize business and legal risks, stay ahead of the competition and reduce their legal costs by delivering world-class quality legal process outsourcing services. We bring together talents of attorneys, engineers and paralegals in India to serve corporations and law firms. DiTech provides a gamut of legal processing services to corporate legal departments and law firms in the areas of research, asset management, review, drafting and litigation support.

DiTech is the Right Choice

Experience and Knowledge− Our team of experienced personnel in legal practice, operations management, quality control and business research help clients to focus on their core business and service clients with increased benefits and greater value. We offer superior quality services through strong domain knowledge and robust methodologies.

IT Expertise − DiTech deploys high-end resources to deliver state-of-the-art systems and legal solution for all our clients.

Six Sigma practices −Compliance with Six Sigma principles ensures superior output quality. DiTech also has strategic tie up with leading law firms in India whose experienced attorneys are available for providing strategic support.

Contract Drafting

Having garnered 40 years of experience, DiTech’s team of lawyers helps law firms with drafting of legal contracts and agreements,..
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Document Coding

DiTech can provide highest quality coding to ensure your client’s satisfaction.Our document managers, reviewers and coders are experts...
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Document Review

Document review is the most time-consuming and a costly aspect of litigation. DiTech allows you to reduce your overhead by...
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Intellectual Property Asset Management

DiTech’s Intellectual Property division is capable of discerning, evaluating and safeguarding virtually any type of intellectual property asset..
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Legal and Business Research

Legal research is imperative for any law firm but it is time consuming and expensive. DiTech provides cost-effectives...
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