XBRL Filings

Since 2011 all public companies, including foreign issuers who file with the SEC, are required to submit their financial reports in the XBRL format. DiTech has been a service provider of choice for over 5 years to various US based filing agents and has been at the forefront in implementing XBRL solutions for its US based clients. When it comes to managing financial data, reporting requirements and SEC compliance, DiTech offers a unique collaborative approach to XBRL filing.

Our experience with EDGAR filing services has showed us that rigorous accounting combined with the best of XBRL platform can deliver an effective XBRL solution. DiTech offers a complete suite of end-to-end XBRL solutions and services which include consulting, mapping, tagging and validating to compliant filing with the SEC.

DiTech begins every project with a pre-defined XBRL implementation methodology. This involves working closely with the client. Our partnerships with experienced U.S.-based CPAs (designated as project managers) helps us with effective implementation. The project manager is the single point of contact throughout the project life cycle. This collaborative approach helps us ensure that the client is also involved in the XBRL reporting process and helps in an error free reporting to SEC.

DiTech’ team of experts has helped build XBRL taxonomies for a large number of companies and have successfully submitted XBRL filings to the SEC. Our talented XBRL team brings years of experience working with taxonomies; implementation, documentation and SEC requirements to each project thereby offering the clients with unsurpassed quality, service and cost-effective solutions.

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